News: BayMOO 25th

Author: Dr.J
Last Update: Tuesday, September 25 2018

Join us on the MOO October 1, 2018 at 6pm PDT (October 2 at 01:00 UTC) for the
celebration of BayMOO's official 25th anniversary! We will run a screening of
several independent "MOO" films, culminating with a showing of the original
"Blade Runner".

No special software needed! Just visit to experience the
MOO in all of its text glory. Forgot your password? Can't remember what your
character was named? No problem! Contact Dr.J via one of three methods and
we'll get you back to normal!

* On the MOO: @send Dr.J
* Email:
* Facebook: Contact Jeremy Cooper via private message

We hope to see you here.