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BayMOO was created in August, 1993 from the Lambda-Core data base, version 1.7.5, designed by Pavel Curtis, compiled by Tim Keanini, and originally housed at crl.com. Now the telnet address is baymoo.sfsu.edu 8888; IP address

The overall concept of BayMOO is the real and imaginative world of the San Francisco Bay Area. BayMOO is divided into three hubs, each connected to a central space called the Aquatic Dome. The three hubs are:

                         I. The Bay Area
                        II. Netspace
                       III. Other Worlds

I. The Bay Area

The Bay Area Hub branches off into three main areas:

II. Netspace

This area will model the kinds of spaces and services already available on the NET, and will try to configure some new ones.

There will be a Gopher Hole for Internet information searches; a CRL Theater for player performances, puppet shows, and virtual video screenings; the BayMOO TV-Studio, for the creation and editing of virtual videotapes; Davey Jones Locker, for housing copyable generic rooms, things, player classes and features and more, which are essential to the Object Oriented Environment.

If the primary inspiration for a new room, object, or event is the world of the Internet, actual or projected, then Netspace is the place to build it in.

III. Other Worlds

This Hub branches off into those spaces for fantasy, science fiction, or other real world models. No limits on imagination: here, all is possible.

The themes of the branching spaces can be anything: apocalyptic, utopian, real worlds outside the Bay Area, Sumerian ziggurats or fractal hyperscapes.

So far there is a True Names Coven, a fantasy labyrinth with many paths and byways; Paris, a recreation of a Parisian square complete with cafe, bookstore; Neptune Station; blast's nautical chamber; and other places which are in the process of planning.


Each of the three nodes is independent, though players are welcome to draw them together literally (with entrances and exits) and thematically (the Yea, who will then @dig an entrance to connect the player's homespace to the commons area.


All players who are given a named account have programming rights and a quota of 20. Computer resources are limited, and players are encouraged to use their quotas wisely. Instead of @digging two rooms with several entrances and exits, it is generally better to @dig one room and make it as interesting as possible.

Instead of creating three objects that do one thing, create one object that does three things.

Janitors welcome requests for quota increases. All such requests will be evaluated after a review of the player's current usage of the standard quota.

Social Standards

There is only one mandate for social interaction at BayMOO: RESPECT. As long as players respect each other, things should go fine. In the event that difficulties arise between players, the players themselves should make every attempt to work out their differences without resorting to janitorial intervention.

And More...

BayMOO is very, very young. We hope that players will come to BayMOO and transform the world there in unforeseen ways, and that, in times to come, BayMOO will morph its personality to a composite of everyone who has contributed to it. If there is some feature you wish that BayMOO could include, build it, or talk to others and build it together. If we do it right, we'll have a community with a collective spirit that we all feel good about being a part of.

So come to BayMOO! Explore the spaces, talk to folks here. And if you think you'd like to come in as a player, write to: request@baymoo.sfsu.edu, and request an account. Include your real name and email address, the name by which you would like to be known in BayMOO (and a second choice, in case your first is already taken), and a brief statement of your interest in coming to BayMOO. Once you get an account, be sure to describe yourself and set your gender so that others can learn something about you right away.

Other than that. Plan, build, discuss, and enjoy BayMOO.