A long robe of deep blue, embroidered with brilliant roses of metallic and opalescent hue, is worn by a woman with a bright, inquisitive face framed by intricately curled hair of faint gold, two thin stiletos gleaming from its loose braid. Large, rainbow wings arch behind her, the deep colors shivering with tiny starbursts which flicker as she moves. Living sapphire gleams from a pendant around her neck, highlighting the color of her eyes, glints of the same shade catching in the dark color of her kirtle and the blue of her robe. Two knives, one black handled, the other white handled, hang from a cloth belt the color of her kirtle.
The soft scent of vanilla caresses your senses as you gaze at her, and a rose as bright and shifting as her rainbow wings falls into your hands, it's petals caressing your fingertips.
She is sleeping.


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