News: Baymoo20th

Author: Dr.J
Last Update: Friday, March 15 2013

On August 24, 2002, we attempted to halt the cleaning process that removes players who have not accessed the MOO in a long time -- otherwise known as "The Reaper". Unfortunately, due to a bug, the cleaning process actually became over-active and "reaped" nearly everyone on the MOO by mistake. We caught the error today, August 25, and found a way to restore things almost as they were but with the following caveat:

Although we were able to track down everyone's posessions and reclaim them from the reaper's "Pawn Shop", it was a bit harder to track down each object's original location before the reap. With a little research we were able to 'relocate' each of these objects, but only to their positions as they were during the last good backup of the MOO on June 28, 2002. As a consequence, you may notice that some objects have wandered from the places you last left them if they were moved in the last two months. Please don't be otherwised alarmed at this behavior.

The Janitors