To Have and To Hold

Do you, Tom, take Suzy... I do, for she is my forever shining star that looks over me from the heavens above. be your lawful wedded wife... I do, for she is an angel sent to me as a true friend and lover. have... I do. I know now what I really have. hold... I do. When you almost lose grip on what you hold dear you promise to never forget to hold tight love... I do. My love for her is never ending like the ever expanding ripples on a moonlit pond. ...and to cherish... I do. I'll cherish her like I cherish all God's untamed nature, the giant forests, the vast oceans and the mighty mountains. ...In sickness... I do: I'll try to take her pain away, if not I'll do anything to help ease it. ...and in health... I do, for all time, I do, for God has sent that special someone to me and the feelings I have for her cannot be lessened by time. They can only grow stronger each day. ...As long as you both shall live? I do, and longer, I hope, for I can't imagine a heaven without her.