Starfleet Headquarters

Before you stretches Federation Plaza, a simple public space that is one of the marvels of the galaxy. This plaza is the centerpiece of the San Francisco Headquarters of the United Federation of Planets. It is composed of hundreds of polished stones, each one originating from a different Federation member planet. The effect of the bright sunshine pouring down on them elicits a multihued sparkle that visually represents the Federation's committment to cultural miscegenation. A number of leafy trees from planets with Earth-like environments provide intermittent relief from the summer heat. The most important Federation buildings stand off the plaza, including the UFP Council Chambers, Starfleet Command, and Starfleet Academy. These three organizations represent the three goals of the Federation: to unite, to explore, and to learn. The plaza merges with a quiet park along the bank of San Francisco Bay to the east. There is a ferry landing here with regular departures across the bay.