The Deserted Coast

You are standing on a sand dune, it's surface sculpted by wind and a sea of high grass mimicking the motion of the raging sea in front of you. Pinnacles of stone, like dragons teeth, jut up from the froth, doing battle with the breakers as they cast their might upon the shore. The wind, heavily laden with salt tang sails off the sea, it's siren song calls to you and touches a chord deep within. The morning fog is lifting with the promise of a new day and the sun is already breaking the chill of a long lonely night. Something inside of you whispers... you are home. To the North, you can faintly make out a sheltered bay, the cliffs of the costal range encircling what seems to be a river emptying into the sea. Although all about you seems deserted, you can make out what seems to be a pier, extending into the bays' calm waters and a building at the end of the pier.. The mist is still heavy though, it may be only an illusion. To the South is a windy road leading up to the cliffs above.