Orion's Lair

You are now in Orion's Room/Home/Lair, where he spends about %99 of his time in. There are two computers in this room, a Sun Sparc and a Macintosh LC. You can see the screen of the Sparc (it's 19, you can't miss it!), and you can see that it is running life with little Sun logos. Both computers are obviously busy doing something, but you can't quite tell what. When you look around the room some more, you notice several tables covered in various electronics equipment: Dialers, crystals, test sets, soldering irons... There is wire *everywhere*, and you wonder how he can sleep on his bed with all the fans going. There is a CB radio blaring some cryptic jargon, as well as a telescope hiding right underneath. The closet door is slightly ajar, revealing a large rack of tall, black trenchcoats. On the bullitin board, you see quite a few different knives, as well as a Warriors Ticket signed by Steve Wozniak. The CD player/boombox is playing out Marcello's Concerto in C Minore for Oboe, being played by Ray Still. There are also several Techno CDs, and right next to them about every electronics catalog in existance. A robot ZOID overlooks the whole room.

Security Camera [Orion's Home] is here.