CRL Theater

The mandate of #37796, a previous generic multiroom, was to expand on the concept of details, this roomtype is what is called a metaroom, one object that has been programmed to simulate the $room and $exit system. There are other multirooms, this one features interactivity between simulated rooms and a convenient environment for building. If you wanted to give this room one of those loaded generic names it might go something like "Generic Secure Detailed Exterior Integrating Metaroom with Megafeatures". 8+) Features: * Notion of being able to see what is ahead of you in another location in straight lines and 'hear' what is going on in the locations around you. This is accomplished by a concept of transparent and sound permeable exits. There is a maximum range of 5 rooms in a straight line for sight and a radius of 3 rooms around your present location for sound. * Exits that can be doors and that have locking. You can set special flags on each exit to tell the multiroom that it is a door and you have the spectrum of $exit messages to set as well. Exits are integrating via look_msg. * Support for linking with other roomtypes using exits from any location within the multiroom. With the addition of properties like look_msg and transparency you can make a seamless transition from the multiroom to other roomtypes. * Details: Every sub-room in the multiroom can have it's own details. These details are shown when you look at something in the room that matches the detail name. * Security: A simple global security is available for those who wish it. * Integration: any object within the multirom with a look_msg property will be integrated into the room description of its location. * Exterior Room: You can enter and exit this room. You can have an exterior description and title as well as custom messages for entering and exiting. The concept of transparency has been used here as well. I feel that my version of a metaroom is fairly robust and stable and that just about all of the bugs have been worked out. It is still subject to fine-tuning and enhancements however as the suggestions from users come in. There are several outstanding incompatibities in the design of metarooms in general with regard to non-room verbs, hopefully someone will come up with a good solution to them. Enjoy! Tarod

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