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Welcome to BayMOO!

BayMOO is a public MOO founded October 1, 1993 for the exploration of the San Francisco Bay Area in text based virtual reality (see our theme.) You can check out BayMOO using our new Bathysphere!

How to get a character

Anyone can become a member here, just connect to BayMOO as a guest, wander around and talk to people to get a feel for the community, read our theme and ethics by typing "help theme" and "help manners". Then, when you feel you've become familiar enough with BayMOO to be able to become a citizen, read "help player creation policy".

Using BayMOO

Even if you aren't a member here, you can still participate in one of two ways: View The LambdaMOO Programmer's Manual

Other BayMOO WWW Servers

  1. Charon A more graphical server run by Yea.
  2. Simon A quirky corner on the net run by Dr.J

Or, you can view BayMOO's extensive help documents.
This web server is maintained by Phantom. Please mail any angry bug reports to him or send moomail to *bayweb.